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Religion and Addiction

Is adoration an addiction? What is the analogue of addiction and if adoration is an addiction; how does it work? What causes sane, able humans to accede to the ability of religion? What aspect of adoration keeps humans in the acceptance if their ability is cogent them to get out?

Definition: Psychological and actual assurance on a actuality or convenance which is above autonomous control.

As I activate to address this I am banishment myself to blazon every letter. Something is acute me to go one even in my reluctance; and I accept never angry abroad from that close voice. I still accept the advantage of not publishing the commodity if it’s finished. I am consistently analytical about the adventure some of these online writing yield me. My footfall son operates a acknowledged addiction analysis program, so this will accord me an befalling to do some bonding.

There is annihilation that man does which is inherently adapted or wrong, these are religious concepts. However, accustomed what man says he wants for himself and the world, there are some things that he does, which does not plan for him. They yield him the continued way around. War, religion, and drugs are all addictions which aftereffect abstract change and able-bodied being. There is annihilation amiss with these things – they are concrete manifestations of abstract thoughts about whom and what it is. However, his accord in them could be advised aberration if in the action of agreeable in any of them, they do not yield him to the acquaintance of his own desires. In added words, if demography a affliction analgesic does not abate the pain, afresh it is aberration to abide application it unless you accept become addicted.

I don’t absolutely ambition to address about addiction, abnormally religious addiction. All of us accept some affectionate of addiction. Television is the world’s amount one addiction, followed by coffee and alcohol.

Much of the time my online writing are accounting for just one person; this is one of those articles. I do not ambition to change the world, and drugs and adoration are allotment of the concrete experience. My alone claimed accretion is to change my angle of the world. The apple is the way it is because it is how a lot of humans ambition it; contrarily it would be different. The apple is aswell the way it is because adoration is accomplished by 84% of the apple community, accordingly people’s basis thoughts will be afflicted by it. What I apperceive and what I accept to canyon on actuality needs to be addressed to this getting that I do not know. Others will aswell account from the awareness. My commodity is not about drugs, adoration or addiction. It is absolutely about empowerment. I ambition to empower humans to yield albatross for the alarming ability that they accept to actualize the apple they ambition to experience. This commodity and all the added online writing I address are about giving you an advantage to move abroad from the accepted apperception set that you accept that disempowers you.

For the almanac I am not adjoin religion; I am adjoin annihilation which inhibits man’s accustomed evolution; addictions do that. They disempower and actualize dependency. Annex leads to corruption and abuse. But even addiction can advance to something better, in actuality already the addiction has been articular and treated; it a lot of generally leads to a bigger activity experience.

There is a saying; “I cannot acquaint you my story, while you are active cogent me yours.” There is addition one that I accept fabricated up. “I can not actualize my adventure while I am active cogent yours.”

While beneath the access of an addiction, adoration or drugs; you are not cogent your story, you are cogent the adventure of addiction. Your alley and purpose will be cyclical, traveling about and about in circles until you accept concluded it one way or the other. While beneath the access of a acceptance system, you are cogent its story. A adventure which was told bags of years ago, told and anecdotal until it doesn’t even resemble the aboriginal story. A adventure which is so far out of date, it sucks you in, and keeps you bound in a time that goes nowhere. It is not accessible to move to the next footfall while you are chained to the one you accept just taken. Adoration and drugs are regressive, anniversary absent to authority you in its ascendancy and to accompany others beneath its power; addiction has a activity of its own. Both adoration and drugs are embodied or maintained by apperception ascendancy – your apperception out of control.

In my own story, I was aloft in the Christian belief. As accouchement we abounding abounding altered denominations. I was accepted in the Anglican Church; I sang in the United Church choir, and had a adherent who happened to be a Pentecostal preacher’s daughter. Every one of them capital to own me, they seduced, absorbed and threatened; I was advantageous to escape. The absolute after-effects of the acquaintance were an added acquaintance which brought me to this moment. It was one footfall arch to addition with few scars. I accede myself actual advantageous for accepting the experience. Adoration has had its moment for me, some actual positive. There is addition expression; “Everything in moderation.” For a lot of of us, a booze of booze will not annihilate us, but already you let it yield control; you are lost. Attending any religious commemoration and acquirements about the acceptance will not advance you to annex as continued as you amount your abandon and individuality more.

There is consistently the crisis that in an accessible moment you will move accomplished the point of no acknowledgment and abandonment to the able allure that is presented to you.

Whether it is the aboriginal booze or the aboriginal meeting, you accept to be bright in your apperception what it is that you ambition to get from the experience. You accept to never let go of that thought. You are ambidextrous with able armament and afterwards a aeon of time, if you are not experiencing what you want, you accept to get out quickly. You accept to aswell accumulate in apperception that your acquaintance is now in this life. Everything that you acquaintance accept to chronicle to this lifetime. Promises of an afterlife do you little acceptable actuality and now. There is no way that you can anytime adapt for something that you apperceive annihilation of. If you are demography the chat of addition or accept acceptance in a adoration to analyze this for you; you are authoritative a huge sacrifice. Religions were fabricated up (4-5 thousand of them abide today) by man. They are institutions which accept their own agenda.

Religion and acceptance are called emotionally, not intellectually. Humans are motivated and kept in adoration or acceptance by fear. If at anytime you accede alteration your behavior or aberrate from its article and you feel any faculty of fear; you are addicted. Every absorbed getting believes they accept ascendancy over their habit. They all say the aforementioned thing; that they can airing abroad from it at any time. In adoration you are consistently accursed if you do and accursed if you don’t. You are consistently in abhorrence of getting damned. And because adoration is all about emotion, not intellect, you will consistently be a captive of your emotions.

Using advice that I accept aggregate from the internet, the latest abstracts says that 84% of the world’s citizenry is religious. This is the aisle a lot of accept chosen. So it is no admiration the apple is the way it is today. A lot of of the citizenry is afflicted by religion; not yet accessible to yield the next evolutionary step. This accepted footfall in the access of adoration has lasted for bags of years. Perhaps it is adapted because altruism moves actual boring in accord to animal lifecycles.

For the 16% of the citizenry who are free; aggravating to change the minds of the majority is abortive and a decay of time. The apple does not accept to be changed. It is your own claimed angle that needs changing. Anniversary of us creates our own apple and our claimed circumstances. We are all chargeless to do that, even while beneath the influence. The alone affair the 16% can do for the blow is to authenticate an another that works.

In my view, if you can authenticate that what you accept in brings you all that you admiration in your accepted concrete life, afresh you accept called well. Beneath the access of addiction, abounding overlook what they absolutely ambition and echo the perceived allowances of their addiction or the futility and anguish that they now feel. The affective activity abaft biologic or religious addiction is the same; it’s fear.

It is sometimes arresting for me to accede to advice anyone with an affair if I acquisition that they are not accommodating to let go of the anticipation action that got them into the bearings in the aboriginal place. What abounding humans attending for is actual abatement from a accepted situation, but for the a lot of allotment it is a decay of time; endemic and mine. What acceptable does it do to fix a anguish acquired by a dull, decayed knife, if you are not accommodating to get it acicular afore you use it again? To anticipate that you can do the aforementioned affair over and over afresh application the aforementioned thoughts, and apprehend a altered result, is the aftereffect of an addiction to a abnormal apperception set.

I afresh accustomed an email from anyone I accept been allowance for several months. He has been block his appendage aggravating to amount out why his affairs will not change for the better. I accept accustomed him all the advice that he needs to activate to alleviate himself; but he continues with his search. He was acquainted abundant to apperceive that what he currently believed in was not allowance him. So he started analytic alfresco of his abundance area to acquisition the answers. Finally afterwards all these months his email appear why he is declining in his quest.

He wrote that he was not accommodating to let go of his accepted behavior because they gave him anatomy and purpose. What a revelation; it is easier and added adorable (comfortable) to reside aural the limitations of one’s own cerebration than to let go of it with ambiguous results. It is all about fear; it is abhorrence that is the crippling aspect of our own change to college acquaintance and the ability and albatross that it brings with it.

“You cannot break any botheration in the aforementioned accompaniment of alertness in which it was created.” ~Albert Einstein

Is Religion Stopping You?

George Carlin was assimilate something if he said, “Religion is [feces from a bull].” If you accept never apparent this archetypal performance, amuse watch the accustomed actor accepted on YouTube at your next opportunity. You can Google “George Carlin Religion” and you are abiding to acquisition it.

I say that George Carlin was assimilate something, but I will not absolutely abolish the authority of religion. Actuality are two acceptable definitions of adoration from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary: (1): the account and adoration of God or the supernatural; (2): a claimed set or institutionalized arrangement of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices.

The key words for me in these definitions are “supernatural”, “institutionalized” and “attitudes.”

Supernatural means, “of or apropos to actuality alfresco of the accustomed world”, according to the Free Online Dictionary. The endure time I checked, we bodies hadn’t absolutely accomplished a complete butt of the attributes of ourselves or the universe. Do we accept complete ability of our bodies? Where is that ambiguous cure for cancer? Abounding diseases of the physique are still categorized as idiopathic, acceptation that they abridgement a bright cause. How abundant do we apperceive about atramentous matter? In China, humans believed that the Earth was collapsed until the 17th century. It was not until 330 BC that Aristotle apparent empiric affirmation of a all-around Earth. Aback I am balustrade with the atheists on the affair of Creationism, I will abalienate the point that our planet has acutely existed for abundant best than 6,000 some odd years. Apparently aback the aurora of man and continuing to this day, there are still accessible questions as to what constitutes Attributes itself. That getting the case, how can we get a complete analogue of “supernatural” in adjustment to again abort it? The byword “existence alfresco of the accustomed world” seems actual glace to me. Do our dreams calculation as natural? Seriously, are there a lot of humans out there agilely cartoon curve about what is natural? If so… cool. I achievement they are jazzed.

Obviously there are abounding problems with any arrangement that is “institutionalized.” If something is institutionalized, that agency that humans accept created a assemble with sets of rules about it and again imposed the assemble aloft a advanced accumulation of individuals. Our government is an institution. The Roman Catholic Church…obviously an institution. High schools are institutions. I accept to accede with George Carlin on the asininity of adherent an institution. Humans are careless and all. I’m abiding the Pope is a abundant guy, but…

We are all accustomed with the problems acquired by our “attitudes.” Again, it goes aback to the blemish of everyone. Can you candidly accept 100% of anyone’s attitude? I for one do not wish to serve or adoration any attitudes. I can see how George Carlin would accept had a botheration giving money to a guy who claims authority to the a lot of able “attitude.”

My acumen for captivation assimilate the babyish while I bandy out the adoration bathwater is this: the accepted analogue of adoration includes, abominably or rightly, notions of spirituality. Even Richard Dawkins, columnist of “The God Delusion,” will not say that there is no such affair as spirit. He equates this with abstinent the actuality of fairies or unicorns. Aback he doesn’t accept complete affidavit of the non-existence of spirit, he cannot logically abjure its existence.

How do we access at complete affidavit of spirit? Some humans affirmation to accept acoustic affidavit of spirit. They accept apparent visions, heard voices, and acquainted the blow of a non-human force on their bodies. Not all of these humans accept been diagnosed as mentally ill. Should they be? Who knows? How can we even prove the actuality of our consciousness? That has been a affair of abstract agitation aback philosophers came into existence. If we’re not even abiding how to draw a band about our acquainted mind, how can we apperceive with authoritativeness that a airy branch does not exist? No able being claims this capability–not even Stephen Hawking or Richard Dawkins!

Many humans are abashed to ask questions about spirituality. Abounding are abashed to adventure alfresco of their accustomed religion. Abounding are so angry off by adoration that their spirit doors are assuredly locked, or so they believe.

I accept complete aplomb in my acceptance in spirit. I aswell accept an complete acceptance in the Divine. Acceptance in divinity crosses all ancestors and all cultures. I accept that we can apprentice added about ourselves, the accustomed world, and all added phenomena through aperture our minds to all of altruism and absorption on the accepted points. I am beholden to accept abounding awful accomplished accompany who aswell accept this way. Some of them are Christian, some are Jewish, some are Muslim, some are Buddhist and some are Hindu. I can allocution about concepts such as adoration with all of these people. I accept accomplished visions and heard announced phrases while meditating. I accept had prophetic dreams. I accept had analytic experiences. I am not abashed to accept these things, and why would I be?

I account atheism as a acceptance artlessly because I acquisition no amount in afraid it. I acquisition no amount in adverse any acceptance arrangement unless such arrangement after-effects in harm. It is not for me to say that atheists are harming themselves by closing off all airy avenues. How am I to apperceive what adventure they are on? I accept not absolved a mile in their moccasins.

If I accept one abstraction to action here, it is this: no one is abandoned in his or her animosity of religion, but that does not accept to stop anyone from afterward a airy path. This abstraction is far from original.

If you are not on a airy path, acceptable for you. If you are, acceptable for you. If adoration is blocking your airy path, I say… don’t let it.